A suggestion for Wavecom PDF documentation

It has been widely noted that the PDF documents contain a number of errors, omissions, and misleading or unclear information.

In the good old days i[/i] of printed, hard-copy manuals, we could could scribble notes, corrections, etc on the appropriate pages - but this is no longer possible with the electronic PDFs. :frowning:

Adobe Acrobat Reader has a feature that addresses this problem - it’s called Commenting

Unfortunately, all of the Wavecom PDFs are configured to prevent Commenting. :frowning:

Please could Wavecom remove this restriction?

My full support awneal!

Wavecom documents are configured to prevent anything. There are ways to avoid this narrowness, but they cost us time and money: finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=WVCM&t= … z=m&q=l&c=

Good news everybody!

Wavecom has listened to your concerns on Copy & Paste from Wavecom PDF documents, especially relating to code snippets.

We have removed this restriction starting from the following releases of the Open AT® Software Suite (or SDK):

1. Open AT® Software Suite 1.x
(the maintenance version to follow the already published 1.0)

2. Open AT® Software Suite 2.0
The new release available for WMP100, Q2686, Q2687, Fastrack Supreme and the New Q24 Series which is planned to be commercially available in early 2008. This is the version that supports Intelligent Device Services and contains the delta engine software upgrade agents in the firmware allowing your applications and the core OS and fimware to be upgraded with a delta file. Available as part of the IDS subscription package or StarService (see http://www.wavcecom.com/starservice).

The point on commenting has been noted by the Wavecom documentation team.

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