copy text from documentation

ADL user guide v6.31

Why is copying text from the ALD-user guide restricted again :imp:
I thought you finally learned that it stuff like this isn’t helpful for developers… :unamused:

Unforgivable! :angry:

I wonder if this has come from Sierra Wireless…?

it’s not the first time they got this wrong… remember?

Yes, I remember all too well! :angry:

But, as my old computer science teacher used to say, “anyone can make a mistake; only a fool repeats the same mistake!” :unamused:

Clearly Wavecom need a “regression test” for their documentation…

Worse than that - I even found an Application note that has printing disabled!! :open_mouth:


Maybe an older version of GhostScript might be your firend here. Some of the earlier versions don’t honour the security bits set inside a PDF…

It’s a bit of a pain - it’s almost as if Wavecom doesn’t want us to use their examples - although I’ve found more than a few examples that won’t compile cleanly…

ciao, Dave

Do you mean just for the printing, or also for extracting text?

You do have to wonder what on earth they were thinking… :unamused:

to me it’s more that i want to return more discriptive error notifications, instead of remembering all of the error-code meanings…

i mean… after a while -987 sinks in, but for the first dozen times en need to pull up the doc’s

While we’re on the subject of the “usability” of the PDF documentation, it would be really useful if Wavecom would enable the’Annotation’ feature available in Adobe Reader:

In the old days of paper documents, you could scribble notes to yourself in the margins; the Adobe Reader ‘Annotation’ feature lets you do the same in PDFs!

hmmm… and maybe even share notes?



Ghostscript should be able to re-parse the PDF into another PDF with all the security bits disabled - or strip the PDF out into a Postscript file (which is mostly text).

ciao, Dave