A&D Storage Memory


I’ve a problem with adl_adwrite.

To write a word like Hello i use the function like this:

CodiResposta= adl_adWrite(1,15,*dades);

Where dades is a pointer to “hello” word.

When i execute this i found this problem:


First of all i do a format to flash and then subscribe to funcionts.

Thanks in advanced!

Best regards.

I’ve found a problem with subscribe.

On manual says that returned value of Handle is: “The cell positive or null handle on success;” in my case returns a NULL, but when i use this null in the adl_adwrite the program give an errorand break.

Anyone knows why i can’t use thhis null or why gives me a null the adl_adsubscrive funcion?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: :confused: