Zebra strip for EM9190 Development Kit?


I just received the Development Kit for our EM9190 module. Assembly seems straightforward enough - the included leaflet is a little superficial, but the downloadable PDF is good enough. The PDF mentions that you have to use “the Zebra strip” for connecting the module’s JTAG connectors to the dev kit board, but there is no such strip included in the dev kit. Apparently they come in different varieties (pitches), so it would be very good to know which kind we’d need.

Any advice on this?

Kind regards,
Jens Finkhaeuser

Hi jens,

You can refer this.


Thank you for the link. Unfortunately, neither does the link specify which kind of zebra connector is sold, nor which kind is required.

Hi jens,

You should pick one which has dimensions L/H/W: 25/1.7/1.5mm.

In your case, it’s strange that your development kit doesn’t come along with zera connector. You should contact the distributor for this lack.


Our came without a zebra strip also. We were able to repurpose one from scrap electronics, cutting it to shape with a sharp knife.

But it really is ridiculous a hundreds of dollars Devkit comes without it (but you get an 2¢ garbage philips screwdriver for free instead).