USB3.0 Development Kit CN50 (DB9) & actual User's Guide

Working with a EM7565 M.2 module on the USB3.0 Development Kit, and would appreciate a complete reference for the dev board.

The only documentation I have found is the two page quick reference, which is unfortunately incomplete as is does not contain information on the CN50 (DB9) connector…

I am challenged to make use of what appears to be a serial port on the USB3.0 Development Kit.

Is there an actual User’s Guide / Technical datasheet / Technical Reference / etc/available for the USB3.0 Development Kit board?

Thanks in advance.

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Does Sierra Wireless monitor this forum? I would like to know if there is an actual user / tech reference available for the USB3.0 Development Kit.

I expect that is SW dos monitor the forum, I can get an answer to the question.

Either way, does anyone know if the CN50 connector is in fact a uart connected to the module through the M.2 connector?

Is it active by default or is there something I need to configure on the board or in the EM7565 to use the CN50 (use of the uart on J2 19 & 20 would be fine, as well, but I can’t get either to respond)?

Please a response would be appreciated.


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