Development Kit information?


I have a development kit that I am looking for additional documentation for. I am not seeing it on the Sierra Wireless site. It’s labeled as “Universal Dev Kit” CCA-000051-0003 sticker on the back says 1201012-Rev 1.x. It has a Daughter Board attached to it labeled MCx7xx Daughter Card 1400231 Rev 3.

Any documentation on this board would be greatly helpful.



Hi Jay,

Have you searched the Developer Zone for this info? For instance here (filtering with: Dev Kits category and SL or GL products)?


Nope, none of those are my card.

The main board has a Sierra Wireless sticker on it with “1201012-REV 1.x PCA,UDK Mother Board” and a daughter board with “1400231 MCx7xx Daughter Card” on it.

Looking for the documentation, and the part numbers for any other daughter cards that this kit might have.