EM7455 USB3 cable not working on eval kit

Hi, I have the Sierra Wireless eval kit board for the EM7455 module. The kit ships with the blue USB3 cable. However when connecting the eval kit to my Ubuntu 14.04, I do not see the /dev/ttyUSBx devices being created when using the USB3 cable. But when I connect using the normal USB2 cable, I do see the /dev/ttyUSBx devices.

Any idea why?

In my setup, USB3 cable always works well. Please answer and do some following steps to help you figure out your issue:
1/ Please make sure your USB3 port on your Ubuntu works fine. if possible, please capture the log that your Ubuntu detects the EM7455 connected to it using USB3 cable.
2/ What is the driver version that you installed on your Ubuntu
3/ Because my Ubuntu version is 16.04. You could try upgrading to the newer Ubuntu version.

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