EM7565 With Development kit

Hello All,

We want to interface EM7565 with one of QCOM platform product.

I go through link “https://www.sierrawireless.com/products-and-solutions/embedded-solutions/products/em7565/” .

I can see one Development Kit on this link at bottom.

  1. Can anyone tell me how can i use this Dev kit with QCOM Host for HOST driver verification purpose?

  2. Is this devkit is just holder for any EM series module for USB Connection???

  3. What i understand is as below.please let me know if i am wrong.

  • Sierra EM7565 driver set up at QCOM Host
  • Connection of EM7565 with Devkit
  • Connection of Devkit to QCOM Host with USB
  • Enumeration of EM7565 should be done correctly in HOST if everything is fine.
  • After Enumeration, i should be able to connect Host to internet via mobile data.

Is all this???


What you want to do is not clear.

The EM devkit is designed to allow you to power an M unit up and subsequently plug it into a host system i.e. windows laptop, Ubuntu, etc using the USB interface what you do on that system is up to you.



Hi mlw,

Thank you.I got your point.
I have development kit of EM series.I have attached Module on that.

At software side, i have integrated Android RIL.

But when i attach kit through USB to HOST(Android) , i can not find device in lsusb.

when i attach kit through USB to HOST(Linux-Ubuntu) , Device is shown under lsusb.

In Integration Guide, they are writing to disable qcserial.I am following all steps. Can you suggest where should i check for further debugging?

Thanks in advance.


If you are able to see the unit in your Linux host then it is clearly powering up correctly, why you are not seeing it in your Android one I do not know, I do not deal with Android very much.




Thank you for your reply. Device is now getting detected.

Can you Please Guide me on EM7565 in LPM,data session end reason 2?

@LTEEM, Could you provide radio log?
From your previous comment, device was detected. To capture radio log you could try “adb logcat -v time -b radio”


@mlw and @mlw

Thank you so much for your efforts.

I am able to detect device with devkit on my Platform.

So i would like to close this thread and would like to continue with

Thank you