EM7565 RIL not getting wwan0 IP

Hello All,

We are having ARM64 Host Platform.
We are using EM7565 on Devkit with USB plug In.

We have Integrated RIL in AOSP (Android).

  1. able to get /dev/ttyUSB0/1/2

  2. able to get /dev/qcqmi0

  3. Initially Module is in LPM, so i have done
    echo -e “AT+CFUN=1\r\n” > /dev/ttyUSB2
    and I am able to see below log.I can see Airtel SIM in log.

  4. svc data enable outputs “killed”.

  5. ifconfig : shows wwan0 .But no ip address is assigned.(main isssue)

  6. here lteonCdma is enbaled and lteonGsm is not enabled.What should be enabled for mobile data?

can you help for ip address and to enable mobile data?

Please find attached log file.

I want to enable “data” service from sim card only.No voice call is needed.

Thankslog_20-2-2019.txt (114.5 KB)


Step 3 should not be used. I checked the radio log. In RIL initialization, RIL will put modem in low power mode, in log line 188

02-20 07:27:55.560 820 2200 I use-Rlog/RLOG-RIL: initializeChannelUMTS: powerMode=6

power mode 6 is low power mode.

After that, Android framework should send RIL request


to RIL. But in the RIL log, I did not find any request from framework layer (RILJ), you may need check your codes about that.

Manually use at+cfun could not change the RIL state machine status. So in consequence, framework did not issue request “SETUP_DATA_CALL” to RIL to issue data call so that there is no data connection at all even modem was camped on “IND AirTel” with WCDMA.

So please check why framework not issue “RADIO_POWER on” request .



Thank you so much for your detailed info.

Ok i will check it and will back to you with results.

Thank you so much.