XM1110 RLM messages

Hi everyone.
We’ve been using module XM1110 for some time. Recently, we enabled the Galileo constellation ( we were using only GPS and GLONASS) by issuing the command $PGCMD,229,1,1,0,1*49. Long story short, we noticed that the module is now outputting a RLM (Return Link Message). Example: $RLM:Total:1,Cur:1,ID:9c02be29630f0a0,Message_code:15,Parameter:0e02,Time:1328283571*1C

After some research, this message is relatively recent, since it’s mentioned on “Firmware 5.1.1 Customer
Release Note” from Sierra, however we weren’t able to find any PMTK or PGCMD that allow us to disable/enable this message outputting.

Does anyone knows any PMTK or PGCMD command to control this RLM message?
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