WWAN connection issue

SIT Team show the WWAN connection issue with EM7305 module, please check attached picture and help to debug this issue. Thanks.

Quickly the modem is made to Configuration 2 (MBIM only) and supported by cdc_mbim module. In this state the networking part does work flawlessly. Yet I did not find a way how to permit the GPS features. I can switch the module to Configuration (DM NMEA AT QMI) and use either qcserial or qmi_wwan module to seize the online essay help device. However here I run into problems. The qmi_wwan will grab 3 out of 4 exposed interfaces, but the ModemManager still boasts, that no modem is available. The qcserial module presents AT command interface and i also can concern commands to the device. The modem is even recognized and is handled using AT command. Regrettably an attempt to set up connection via NetworkManager causes failure and rejection of successive commands.