Ws6318 & xm0110

Hello, does WS6318 has build in support for XM0110, or i must do that in microcontroller level?

No, you cannot use the XM0110 with the WS6318, or with a microcontroller. You can only use the XM0110 with a Sierra Wireless unit running OpenAT. These devices include the Q series (e.g. Q2687), the WMP series (e.g. WMP100) and the SL series modules that support Open AT (e.g. SL6087).

Thank you, now i think i have to use gps for other manufacturer.
regards Georgi

Unless, presumably, you happened to have the necessary code to do all the GPS “heavy lifting” (and a suitably powerful microcontroller)…?

Does SiWi support that :question:

Well, remember that the XM0110 just has a SiRFstarIV GSD4t core, so if you have libraries to run this (SiRFLSM or SiRFHOST), you may be able to run the XM0110. I don’t know if SiWi would give out their libraries to be used on other products, plus they are probably heavily dependant on OpenAT, so it may require a full port of OpenAT to run the location libraries (just a guess).