Wp7702 footprint for kicad

Does anyone know a source for a KiCad footprint for the WP7702. The CAD drawings I have found so far either have an error in the outer ring, or the footprint is missing.

Hi @eric

Please refer to AirPrime - HL and WP Series Snap-in Socket CAD files

The WPx5/WP76/WP77 CAD files SWI

AirPrime - HL WP and RC Series Snap-in Socket - Customer Process Guidelines

Hope it helps.

Hi David

Thank you - but these resources do not have a footprint for KiCad - only Altium and Orcad. I did try SnapEDA but they refer me to Quectel if I look for the WP7702 - as do other resources (Quectel seem to be everywhere!) - thankfully I found that they do have a KiCad footprint for the WP75xx which is the same as the WP7702

It would be helpful if Sierra Wireless offered an official footprint, but I have now found one

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Hi @eric

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The footprint can be downloaded from here

It is a WP7504 - searching for any other Sierra Wireless port leads you to a Quectel equivilent. But please check it as it is not guaranteed. The pin out looks OK but we have not tracked it yet

Thank you, I have also been looking for a footprint for a CF3 module (WP7607) for a long time.