WP Snap-in base resources

I am after an Altium footprint for the WP snap-in base (6000636). Is the lack of current resource availability due to outages?

I also want to confirm compatibility of the WP socket and the RC7620 module (I am fairly certain that they are compatible)

Hi @michael.palatsides ,
WP snap-in can be used to easily switch modules from WP or RC76 series. You can refer the document for more detail
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AirPrime - HL WP and RC Series Snap-in Socket - Customer Process Guidelines - Rev7.0.pdf (2.1 MB)

Hi Vianney,

Thanks for that document, it is very helpful.

Does an Altium footprint exist for the socket?

Hi @michael.palatsides,

WP76XX module footprint as defined here: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/hardware_specs_user_guides/wp-cad-files-swi/

Snap in WP socket as defined here:

However, the source page is in maintenance so you cannot access now. Please visit it later
Let feel free to share any concerns you have.