WP77xx Gerbers for PCB trace

Designing a custom PCB for the wp77 series, and going through compliance. I can’t find the gerbers mentioned in the documentation on the website anywhere. Can someone help out with this?

HIi @accounts

You can find gerbers here mangoh resources hardware

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Hi @Donald,

I have seen the attached mangoh red gerbers but I don’t believe this board is FCC and IC certified. I also highly doubt this is the gerber the documentation is referring to. The gerbers I’m looking for would have been certified by these regulatory bodies as part of the module application.

Hi accounts,

Please refer to WPx5/WP76/WP77 CAD files SWI
AirPrime - HL and WP Series Snap-in Socket CAD files
AirPrime - WPx5/WP76/WP77 Series - Customer Process Guidelines

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