WP7702 entering into undefined state

  1. In WP7702 module if we initiated a software command to power off the module it takes approximately 20 sec to get disconnected. Within this 20 Sec if we try to turn ON the module it enter it to some undefined state and modem is not responding.

  2. Is there is any limitation for voltage source to WP7702 should have ramp time within some limit?

Hi @abinayav

Can you clarify some below informations?

  1. Can you clarify about the software command to power off the module?
  1. If I’m not wrong, you turn on module by reset button, the “undefined state and modem is not responding” it mean the module cannot turn on and PC cannot detect to it, right?
    After the issue happened, is the module turn on after pressing reset button again?

  2. Which firmware you use for this module?