WP7702- RESET_IN_N signal

What is the duration of low level pulse to be sent to RESET_IN_N pin of WP7702 to restart the module?

Hi abinayav,

To reset the module, a low level pulse must be sent on the RESET_IN_N pin for 8 s. This will immediately restart the module with the POWER_ON_N signal at low level. (If the POWER_ON_N signal is at high level, the module will be powered off.)
The RESET_IN_N signal will reset the registers of the CPU and reset the RAM memory as well, for the next power on.
Note: Using RESET_IN_N to reset the module could result in memory corruption if used inappropriately. This signal should only be used if the module has become unresponsive and it is not possible to perform a power cycle.

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Hi Donald,

Thanks for the reply.

Is it possible to reset the module by sending low pulse for a duration below 8 Sec.

In my application i can make RESET_IN_N low for 2S.Will this reset the module.

Hi abinayav,

To reset the module, the typical duration of the RESET_IN_N signal is 8 S. It does not specify a minimum time.