WP7504 - Audio Volume level adjustment


I’m trying to solve an issue with WP7504 volume adjustment.
Our devices have not been able to raise or lower volume levels in the field.
The design for the device is largely based on the MangOH Red board.

Does anybody have a suggestion to change volume on the WP7504 using AT commands?
So far I’ve tried to adjust:
AT!AVAUDVOL - output does not change with increased value
!AVSETVOL - values will set but not changing volume output
!AVCODECMICTXG - able to set (after password) no change in outputs

-MangOH Red board,
-WP7504 Revision “SWI9X15Y_07.13.07.00 92cfd2c jenkins 2018/08/22 19:18:52”
-PuTTY terminal, connecting to Sierra Wireless AT command port
-Speakers connected to 3.5mm jack

To test volume, I’m using AT!AVtoneplay=0,0x40,5000 (play tone for 5 seconds)

As mentioned, any information to set volumes of the device would be helpful!

Today the device volume adjustments worked.
Rather than using AT!AVTONEPLAY, testing was performed using ATD…; to dial a local number.
This way the volume could be monitored by the MangOH and cellular device simultaneously.
Call volume, gain, level, and mutes adjusted during the call.

Maybe the AT!AVTONEPLAY has limitations on level adjustments controllable by AT commands.