WP7502 !GSTATUS Network Test ?

When does the WP7502 goes in to the “Network Test” mode
as describded under !GSTATUS in Table 3-2 Page 43 At command reference 4118047 Rev2 September 2016

We want to bring the WP7502 in GSM/GPRS mode with full power tx to test in lab ?


If you are doing these tests in a lab then you should not be using the factory test commands to perform testing. You need to be using the 2G/3G/LTE test equipment to command the unit up to full power so as far as it is concerned it is not in a test mode it is operating normally and being told to Tx at full power. I am assuming you are perform some certification testing? If this is the case there are problems experienced with using the factory test commands as the unit is not being used as it has been designed to be.

Factory test commands are good for factory testing (obviously) and things like power supply testing.




yes we want to test the WP7502 in GPRS/GSM Mode how much power the WP7502 is consuming

The documentation of DAFTMACT says only for LTE or WCDMA ?
what do i have ro set for full power in e.g. GSM mode 900 Mhz :

Good point, for that one you are going to need to go through your technical contact (who I suspect is me given your user name).