Wiring MP70 to Gamber Dock To Toughbook CF-19 Mk6

Sierra Wireless AirLink Antenna: 6-in-1 SharkFin 6001262
Sierra Wireless MP70 Router
Panasonic CF-19 Mk6 Toughpad in Gamber-Johnson Docking Station
Toughpad WI-FI switch turned off. <<<<<<<<<<
Ethernet Patch Cable from MP70 Router through Docking Station to Toughpad

Is this how these get hooked together while avoiding pitfalls?

(Toughpad WI-FI switch off so it does not get overloaded from MP70 Wi-Fi)???
Any other tricks?

Is there any publication that shows how to hook all this stuff together?


Hi @gracet,


Good link.

  1. The MP70 broadcasts on Wi-Fi. The MP70 will be sitting close by the Toughbook which will be listening on Wi-Fi unless I shut Wi-Fi off. Sounds like an unnecessary overload to me.

  2. Toughbook has an MC7355 and GPS antenna. The MP70 has an MC7455 which supports GPS and Wi-Fi. Will there be any kind of conflict with these two when the MP70 is connected to the Dock through the Ethernet cable and thence to the Toughbook.

Good source. Unfortunately it costs $375.00 to get printed. Are any of these thing available in print?

Found a place to print it for $50+.
My confusion persists. As I said the MP70 has a MC7455 in it. The Toughbook has an MC7355 in it.
If the MP70 already defines what network and GPS is passed through to the toughbook, then the
need for the MC7355 is no longer necessary??? Is it shut off by switching the WI-FI off??
I looked through the manual you suggested. Does not address my question.
I assume I do not need SIM in toughbook as SIM in MP70 defines connections.

If I knew what I was doing I would! Hah!!

The Gamber Johnson dock has 2 antenna connections WLAN and GPS. The MP70 has 6 antenna outputs so I don’t want to fool around with those so I will use CAT6 Patch Cable RJ45M/RJ45M to connect MP70 to Dock and thence through Dock to the Toughbook. How I get this to work, I don’t know yet but I assume that is what the patch cable and connectors are for. Now I just need to learn how to communicate with the MP70.

I tried finding information in the like manual you cited. Nothing on RJ-45 or patch cable so I don’t know know what the communication between these units is…

Hi @gracet,

I’m not sure what ports and functions Dock Gamber Johnson has.
Does your Toughbook have Ethernet or USB port? You can connect to the MP70 as follows:

  1. Power on the AirLink router. Connect a laptop to the router with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Launch your web browser and go to:
    · (ALEOS 4.14.0 and later)
    · (ALEOS 4.13.0 or previous)

Note: When you first log in, your browser may display warnings related to the self-signed certificate. Please accept any warnings and continue

After that, it will lead to the ACEmanager page. ACEmanager™ is the free, web-based utility used to manage and configure AirLink routers.

For more details, you can refer to the Gateway Configuration section in the Software guide on page 17 based on the link I attached above.