Wip_ssl .h library not working properly

I am using wavecom Q2687.OS version is 6.30 and firmware is 7.4.i simply want to run ssl application provided by M2M.application is unable to create ssl session channel. The function that is being used for channel creation is :

CHANNEL = wip_SSLClientCreateOpts( PEER_STRADDR, PEER_PORT, evh_channel, NULL, WIP_COPT_END);

As soon as this channel creates, the handler mentioned above “evh_channel” should start running which is not happening. The control is not going into the handler means channel creation is unsuccessful. Instead in M2M shell i get a message:

“[SSL][ERROR] Can’t create SSL channel :frowning:reason) SSL Library closed”
I am unable to get this problem since it is the sample application provided by the company and it should work well.

Kindly help me out in this regard…Anticipating urgent response.

Please check the value returned by wip_SSLClientCreateOpts.This will provide more information regarding what exactly is going wrong.

thanks alot for replying…:slight_smile: