SSL issues


Am using Q2686G.
The firmware version is :: R74_00gg.Q2686G
Application OS :: 06.21
Boot loader version :: V08b0e.

Am trying to test SSL feature in the above mentioned unit. As a first step am calling “wip_SSLInit” from adl_main to initialize library. But it get failed with return value as “-2”. I can not find more details about this “wip_SSLInit” API in SECURITY PLUG-IN USER MANUAL.

Is there anything to get done before calling this “wip_SSLInit” ?

Thank you,


Have you looked-up the meaning of a return value of -2 :question:


No awneil. I can’t get details about “wip_SSLInit” in SECURITY PLUG-IN USER MANUAL as well as from google…

When i tried to use, “wip_SSLClientCreate” i came to know that i should call “wip_SSLInit”.


May be the security plugins isn’t enabled on your device ?
To do so, you have to use AT+WCFM command … with a activation code that your reseller should be able to provide.