Windows 7 32 bit Skylight not launching

Windows 7 32 bit OS. Doulble-click Skylight app will not launch GUI. Right click open as admin - fails - local admin fails - open as domain admin launches. Checked permissions - uninstall/install - launch fails. Any advise?



Dear @Robert.Miltenberger ,

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In order to troubleshoot the problem, please help provide information on the following items:

  1. Where did you get the Skylight package? What is its version?
  2. If you are not using the latest Skylight at the following link, please try it and then recheck the problem
    Skylight Windows Connection Manager for EM/MC series modules
  3. If you have not installed drivers of the EM/MC modules on your Window host, please try to install and recheck whether the problem is resolved
  4. Have you tried to start Skylight on the other OS ( example: Win 10) Is it successful?



I downloaded it from the Sierra wireless forum. The fix was we downloaded the drivers for the MDT modem.