Need newer version of Skylight to support EM74xx

Recently we got EM7430 and we want it working on Dell tablet for industrial IoT application. We used SKylight build of 4814. This application only can control turn on/off Radio. All signaling pass through between module and network side, but we failed in making Dell tablet do data session. I would like to give a try of new version of SKylight. Can someone send me newer one to me at Thanks a lot.

B4814 is pretty new already. Not sure what is the problem when you were trying to make the data connection via Skylight as it’s not clear from your statement. I’d check the APN profile setting first since it won’t attach to LTE if you have a wrong APN even with the latest Skylight.

For latest Skylight build, you can get it from Windows Store.

Hi, Tomato,
I failed in installing SKylight from Microsoft store on this Dell Rugged Extreme tablet. It took 4 days and is still under installing it from Microsoft store.
We already see Attach complete message on network side. But from we can not do data connection from Tablet. I know there is still newer Skylight build from your company, but we have to pay for this newer build first.


Hi Sunny, have you tried to use Microsoft Mobile Broadband VAN UI to make the data connection?
Also, have you checked in Device Manager to see if the drivers for EM7430 were properly installed? On a Dell laptop, EM7430 should show as DW5816e though so I am wondering where did you get the EM7430 from. An EM7430 module will not work on Dell laptop since Dell has the BIOS locked to whitelisted devices only. If this is the case then Skylight won’t be the issue…


Have you tried this release (Skylight_Generic_Build4260.msi) ?. I’ve EM7455/MC7455 modules installed on windows environment. I’ve installed latest Skylight releases from Sierra website but with no luck. Then I installed this release where working fine as well as I could send an SMS messages.

My tablet is Dell latitude 7212 rugged extreme tablet. I tried DW581e , Skylight_Generic_Build4260.msi and other releases before, I was no luck. I want to send AT command to it and can not find Com port for Module EM7430 on dell windows 10 OS. Maybe I have to give up EM7430 and seek other similar modules.

For Windows 10 the default configuration for WWAN module was to only expose MBIM interface without AT port. You may need to contact Dell support to get AT port exposed. But it shouldn’t prevent you from using the WWAN module and customize the APN through Mobile Broadband VAN UI.

Skylight uses the same MBN API to make the data connection.


I’ve EM7304, EM7455/MC7455 installed on DELL E7240, E7270 running Windows 10 and Skylight B4260 without any issues. SMS commands are show with no errors. For my understanding all DELL notebooks don’t have a “whitelist” as compared to LENOVO. I could confirm latest Sierra Skylight was not function correctly on Windows 10.