Wind: 13?


I get

+WIND: 13

after the reset and modem does not reply any command

In AT commands document it says for WIND: 13

The rack has been detected as Closed.

what does it mean, what shoult I do?


Ah yes: the ever-present question with Wavecom documentation… :frowning:

I think “The Rack” refers to the SIM holder (not an implement of torture, in this case).

So it means that the little tray that holds the SIM is pushed in.


Sorry but I didn’t understand. Should I check SIM connection?, When I insert SIM card Flashled starts to blink as usual but modem sends only

WIND: 13 to serial port.


Are you using a Wavecom product with an integral SIM holder, or is it your own hardware with your own SIM holder?

If the former, maybe there’s a fault with the SIM holder (rather than the SIM);

If the latter, maybe your design is faulty, so that the unit thinks that the SIM holder is not inserted, or the SIM door is not closed?


OK, so what is the difference between +WIND 1 and +WIND 13? How can the module otherwise know that something has changed?


Have you read the section titled “SIM Insertion, SIM Removal” in the AT Commands manual?

You haven’t answered my earlier question:

If you’re using a Wavecom product with an integral SIM holder, take a look at the “rack” (the little black tray that holds the SIM) - you will see that it has a little contact on its side.
Thus the product is able to tell whether the “rack” itself is inserted or not.

Obviously, the “rack” could be inserted witrhout a SIM in it - so a separate indication is needed to confirm whether or not a SIM is present.

Again, if you’re not using a Wavecom product with an integral SIM holder, it’s up to you to design your hardware to provide the appropriate signals to the unit so that it can give these indications…


Thanks. I did read that some time ago but I stated my question a bit crudely.
What I really mean is if WIND 13 and 14 are sent when the rack is closed/opened, what triggers WIND 0 and 1? I have manually checked that when you feed the SIM_PRES line it detects a ‘rack closed’ and outputs WIND 13 but still WIND 0 (no SIM). This makes sense, but contradicts the AT command explanations for WIND 0 and 1 which directly refer to the SIM_PRES pin. It would seem that WIND 0 and 1 are more the result of communication with the SIM on a SIM_PRES event. This is not really a problem I suppose, but I am curious as to what really goes on when a SIM gets inserted.