+wind; 13

Hi, can everyone explain the real meaning of +WIND: 13?
In the AT command document is too simple.
i can’t really understand on what it refer to… :blush:

Appreciate if some one can explain when and how this “+WIND: 13” will be send out. FYI, the i have set the WIND indication to NOT display “AT+WIND=0”.

Thank you in advance. :smiley:


The “rack” is the holder (or “tray”) into which you place the SIM - as used on the Fastracks and Integra.

If you insert an empty “rack” with no SIM in it, you will get +WIND:13 and +WIND: 0;

If you a “rack” with a SIM in it, you will get +WIND:13 and +WIND: 1.

It’s simple really!

It does, of course, require hardware support for detecting when the “rack” is open or closed…