Which device to use - need 2 analog inputs for sensing


I´m designing a rail application where I will have a AB Rail Wheel sensor.

This kind of sensor offers a variable current sense - two in total - called A and B. Once the wagon wheel passes through tha A or B sensor, this chages its current and this effect indicates that the wheel is crossing the sensor. Detecting if the train passed A before B indicates an A–>B direction.

Due to train speed (60Km/h = 1,666 cm/millisecond) we need to be able to read its port either on interruption or around hundreds of microseconds loop.

On the other side we need a GPRS/GSM interface and also an Ethernet port to read data from another device installed on the wayside.

Need help to choose the best Sierra device to implement such an application.

Thanks in advance for helping.

You can go for SL808xT module :smiley:


Sorry for not including that information. I need something as an independent unit form factor, not something that will be plugged or soldered in another board.

I´m planning about using the AirLink units, but don´t know exactly wich module.

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