LS300 Analog I/O - 4-20ma current from pressure meter

Hello - I am trying to monitor a pressure transmitter that generates a 4-20ma signal. If I wire this to pin four of the LS300 power input, will the software be able to read a value?

You can have a look at the HW user guide section 3 -> step4 :slight_smile:—user-guide/


Yes - I saw this and referenced the section in the software manual. The ALOES guide seems to reference an expansion board for a different modem. A number of the features it describes do not appear in the config on the LS300.

Also, it is improbable that I am the first one to consider connecting a 4-20ma signaling device to an LS300. I was hoping for some one else’s experience with this, vs. a diagram in the hardware guide showing a one line connection from a tank to an LS300 and a reassurance that “the device can do it!”.

There is about 1/10th the information for the analog input as there is for the digital I/O features.

Excuse me while I necro this topic. I’m wanting to use a RV50 for the same application. Monitoring of a remote pressure transmitter (4-20mA). I’ve read the hardware and software manuals. Connecting the device isn’t the issue. I’m having trouble figuring out how to remotely poll the analog i/o port (pin 4). Wanting to poll the RV50 via PLC controller using MODBUS, but could poll using the HMI workstation if that would be an easier fix. Any help would be appreciated.