remote Hyper Terminal using LS300

I need to set up an LS300 to act like hypertermail link between a computer and my LS300 connected to my monitoring device through the RS232 port.

I have a device hooked up to the Rs232 port of the LS300 that I want to send ASCII to it form my computer and receive back status from that device, this will be done through the Rs232 port. I will be sending 1-5 charters and 30 will be receiving character string. This will me a manual polling of the device.

I have registered it with AirVantage and I can talk to the device, what do I do next for a M2M connection.

Sadly time is of the utmost I have to get some talking in 8 hrs so I can install my unit in the field with the ls330 in it. If I can program it remotely I have a little more time.


Could you please elaborate more about your use case. Is it like you want an application to communicate between your computer and LS300 through RS232 port?
Also what exactly you want to do with Air Vantage?
Please provide us more information to understand your requirement properly :)