TCP/IP Throughput on LS300

I am curious as to whether I would be able to pass information in TCP/IP protocol through using the serial port on the LS300.

Essentially I have data coming in from a Wi-Fi module that is in TCP/IP format and I would like to transfer it over cellular to the web. What I am not sure of is whether I need to convert the data prior to being able to transmitting it or if that can be done on the receiving end.

I would like to basically just use the serial port as a way to pass data without any conversion/processing of any kind.

I am not very knowledgeable in terms of these protocols so please try to keep answers higher level and if anything I am asking doesn’t make sense please feel free to correct me or ask for clarification.

Thanks for any insight that you can provide.

Hi !
I don’t want to assume you did find some answers already, so excuse me if the below is a repeat to you.

Are you able to use the Ethernet port instead of serial RS232 on the LS300 ? Because if your Wifi module is already providing information over TCP/IP , then there should be no challenge at all using the LS300 as a TCP/IP gateway!

Whether you DO need to use a serial port or you don’t have enough Ethernet ports on the LS300, there might be a solution for you (eg. using the PAD mode to transmit from Serial port, or using GX400 with additional Ethernet ports). In any case, I recommend you contact your reseller (they should be able to help you configure your device for your specific case).

Or you can contact me in private to see how we can facilitate your experience with our products