LS300 Serial Port

I have a LS300 and am trying to get the Serial Port PAD mode to work. I have it setup to automatically connect to my server which it seems to do properly, but after it connects no data seems to be sent on the serial port.

When I connect the serial prot to a terminal program, the gateway sends a CONNECT string once the TCP connection is established but if I transmit characters on the serial port they are not passed to my server app. When my server app sends characters I also do not see them on the terminal program.

If I just point a web browser of my PC to the server program, it definitely receives data, so I am not sure why the LS300 is not passing information.

A tried to post this to the LS300 forum but I do not have permissions to post there. How do I get the appropriate forum permissions?

Hi Shawn,
It seems like some hardware issue. Permissions are not enabled for the AirLink forum as the forum is not active anymore. Please go to your distributor for support.

Hi there,

I’m having the exact same problem with the L300
Did you manage to resolve it?