sierra wireless modem

Dear sierra

i have multiple Sierra wireless Aircard USB modem connected to beagle bone black


  1. if there are multiple network devices for example if i connect ethernet cable, sierra wireless modem and wifi how will the kernel/network layer interface choose which network device to be used for packet forwarding/routing.
  2. Also may i know the transmit signal power of the sierra wireless air card USB modem and how do i modify the transmit power values any AT command?


Hi Nick,
Please find my comments below:

Q1) I guess you are using Linux distro?
Please use Linux command “ifconfig” to check the network interface available.
And to check and configure specific interface as default one for traffic, please use Linux command “route”.

Q2) The process to check transmit power vary depends on product you used, some legacy product may not support it.
I would suggest to check associated AT command user guide first.

Hope it helps.