Which condition can be use AT# command?

  1. which condition can be use AT# command?
  2. how to conect the internet using AT command?

You can use at# commands for example socket applications,send mail.

at# commands aren’t AT commands these are API’s command.
For Example

At#connectionstart connect the GPRS. at# commads have implemented bye Wavecom. You can creatre your program.

you can implement your code with Open-AT and you can create new command for connect GPRS. example: at+justdoit.

2-) via hyper terminal send this command
at+cgdcont=1,“IP”,“internet”; to the modem. or you can wrtie this at command to tje dialup-string which you will define.
after that Define wavecom modem like default modem to your computer.
and than dial **99#.