which ADS compiler version for OAT 4.10?


Hello folks,

I have to reduce the size of my OAT application, that is why i am considering to change to ADS from GCC compiler. But i don’t know exactly which version number i needed. I guess it would be ADS developer suite 1.2, but which build version? Somewhere i red that a specific bulid version is recommended for 2686, but i cannot find that now. In the OAT 4.10 docs i cannot find anything, and to confuse me more in the Open AT IDE settings program the following can be found “ADS/RVDS” compiler path. RVDS means realview developer suite which replaced ADS ARM developer suite after version 1.2.
RVDS has versions upto 3.0.

Could someone give me an advice?

Thanks in advance,



I’ve tried ADS 1.2. The setup.exe file version is I’ve successfully built Hello_World example and run it on Q2686H module usling OpenAT 4.10 IDE and VC++ 6.0.

You just need to point to the BIN directory of the ADS in IDE Settings, ie: C:\Program Files\ARM\ADSv1_2\Bin and set compiler to ADS in Project Wizard.

As you are using OAT 4.10 I would like to know if you are having the same warnings and errors as posted in my topic about OAT 4.10 and eclipse.

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