New release open at sdk


Does anybody know if there is a new release for open at sdk. I know that there should be one in october, but i don’t know when. This release happend already or it will happen and when?


You should check with your distributor!

What do you consider to be “new” :question:

The latest release I received from my distributor was SDK v4.21 in mid-September.


I consider new a version that allows to use debug and wip with eclipse


I just received the following from my distributor. Is this the latest version?

Open AT GTi 7.20.09
Open AT IDE 1.03.00
Open AT OS 4.20.04
Open AT WIP 2.00.32

If not, is there somewhere I can download the latest?


Although I haven’t yet used the package I got in mid-September, its WIP user guide says, “v3.00”, and the files say “3.00.06”

So it doesn’t sound like you have the very latest…?


Hi there

I have OpenAT 4.22 since september 29. But on ACTE roadshow i have heard,
at the end of the year there will be new product - “OASIS 2.0”.

Can anybody say something more about it?


As I understand it, “OASIS” is the new scheme fully based on Eclipse.

I heard that OASIS 2 is due for beta release about November, and full release about March next year…


Fully Eclipse based? Geh.
I really hope they don’t remove support for the ARM compiler and that you’re not forced to use Eclipse.


As in no more Visual Studio?

Eclipse itself is not compiler-specific.

But which “ARM Compiler” would that be?

The current documentation refers only to ADS 1.2 - but that’s obsolete:

So use of Eclipse does not, of itself, preclude use of ARM tools…


I mean ADS 1.2 which still works better than GCC does, and doesn’t require as much stack as GCC compiled does.
I just hope it is still supported by Wavecom as buying the newest version would be quite costly.
And lastly, I hope that Eclipse is not REQUIRED to build target in OASIS.