Compiler preference (GCC, ADS, RVDS)

What is the difference between the three compilers? I see in the latest SDK that you can use any one of these. What would be better about not using GCC in particular? Everything thus far seems to be focussed on gcc.

It is “free”, and open-source.

I think RVDS is just the current incarnation of ADS - it is the official, paid-for, commercial ARM compiler.

Do a search for previous discussions on the relative merits of the two.

I think it’s fair to say that the ARM compiler generates tighter code - but, if that doesn’t matter to you, why pay for it…?


ARM compiler doesn’t just generate “tighter” code, it is also a lot more optimized. Especially if you are using C-GPS library for example. In such case, there is so many calculation that the ARM compiler may help a bit.


Actually, thats pretty much what I meant by “tighter” 8)