Where to buy a sample of EM9190

Dear Sierrawireless Support,
As an IOT developer, I’m glad to hear that 5G module EM9190 is available on your catalog.
May we know where to buy this sample for testing and development purpose ?



So the unit is still in development at the moment and due for generic commercial availability during Q3, you will need to contact one of our distributors to be able to place an order and get on the list.



Hey @mlw; it may be a bold request, but anyway… :slight_smile:

Would Sierra be able to send us (qmi_wwan, cdc_mbim, libqmi, libmbim, ModemManager developers) some of those new 5G modules to test with, even if they’re not production units yet? In the past we have received lots of test devices from Sierra, and we have been able to provide quite good support for Sierra devices in the whole upstream stack. We already have several new 5G modules from different manufacturers, but none from Sierra yet. I understand that the upstream stack is not Sierra’s focus as you already have your own drivers and SDK, but hey, we’re willing to give good early integration for your modules in the default upstream modem management stack in most Linux-based distributions.

Please PM me if Sierra would be open to discuss the request. Cheers!


:smiley:I got some of samples

Hi @ sziot616

 Glad to hear that, could you PM how to/where to get them ?



I have suspicions about this user and whether they are a real person or not.

At the moment the only way to get a sample is to go through one of our registered distributors and place an order against a registered project, EM91’s are in high demand at the moment with limited units available. This will free up in August/September time frame but before then it needs to be this way.