EM7455 replacement for 5G

We have the EM7455 plugged into our PCB using the MC2 connector. I am looking for an easy 5G upgrade using a different module. I found the EM9191 on Digikey. The EM9191 is 10mm longer but I think we can get it to mount properly. Are there any other candidates for our 5G requirement? I assume the part number 1104629 of the part number “EM9191 5G SUB6 (1104629)” is the FW version.

We don’t need GPS. Is the Airlink product a GPS capable device? Is that what Airlink means?

Hi curry-te,

The Airlink product is AirLink gateways, routers product.
You can refer to Sierra Wireless Source for more details.
You can use the EM9190 or EM9191 module for the 5G requirement.
5G NR Module | EM9190 Sub-6 GHz & mmWave Module | Sierra Wireless

It is interesting that Digikey and Mouser do not sell the EM9190. Is this a new part?

Is the EM7690 obsolete? It falls back to 3G which is going away next year.

Hi curry-te,

Yes, the EM9190 is the new part.
The EM7690 supports 4G LTE Cat-20. This Cat-20 embedded module delivers up to 2 Gbps downlink and 211 Mbps uplink high speed connectivity. With an automatic 3G fallback network and integrated GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo satellite systems supported), the EM7690 is ideal for a wide range of industrial M2M and mobile computing solutions.
It depends on the customer’s requirement and their country.

3G is going away next year. Does that mean that EM7690 will be obsolete next year since it uses 3G for fallback?

I currently use the EM7455. I reviewed the voltage levels and pinouts from my PCB for the EM9191 and it appears it should work fine. Is this your understanding?

Hi curry-te,

Yes, It will be obsolete next year with a 3G fallback network.

Yes, it is. You can refer to Table 3-1: Host Interface Connections — Module View in EM9191 Product Technical Specification for more details.

Thanks Donald,
It is my understanding that the 5G is beam steering. Is the beam antenna inside the metal enclosure within the EM9191? I have an EM9191 and it has 4 antenna connectors. I assume 2 of the antennas are for the 4G fallback but what are the other 2 antenna connector for? Is there document for the antennas? I need to know which ones to buy.

Hi curry-te,

Please refer to page 40: RF Specifications in EM9191 Product Technical Specification for more details.