Where is wip_ipRouteAdd() prototyped?

Reference: Open AT® IP Connectivity Development Guide, WIPlib v5.20
October 21, 2009

This Guide outlines IP Routing Management - including the the wip_ipRouteAdd function - on p60, but no header file is mentioned.

This appears to be because there is no prototype in any header file! :unamused:

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The return values are inconsistent with the rest of WIP:

Other WIP functions return WIP_BERR_… or WIP_CERR_… codes;

wip_ipRoute… functions return WM_E… codes.

(actually, there seems to be a growing divergence of new ADL features from the established patterns)

I can find it in wip_net.h of WIP 5.41 beta.

s8 wip_ipFwdEntryAdd(wip_in_addr_t dest_ip, u16 dest_port,wip_in_addr_t gateway_ip, u16 gateway_port, u8 protocol );

s8 wip_ipFwEntryDel(wip_in_addr_t gateway_ip, u16 gateway_port, u8 protocol );

s8 wip_ipRouteAdd( wip_in_addr_t dest, wip_in_addr_t netmask, wip_in_addr_t gateway) ;

s8 wip_ipRouteDel( wip_in_addr_t dest) ;

But can you find it in anything earlier?

Note that it is mentioned in the User Guide for v5.20

Still no comments, then? :unamused:
See: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/build-errors-when-adding-wip-to-project/4806/4

Not in WIP 5.40. Haven’t check older versions.

Hopefully, next release.