Hello all again, I have a new doubt.

I'm trying to do this:

if ( param->Type == ADL_CMD_TYPE_PARA ) { //Modify IP (AT+T2RIP=x.x.x.x)

cmdStr = param->StrData;
wm_strGetParameterString ( localIP, cmdStr, 1 );

wip_inet_aton ( (ascii *) localIP, (ascii *) forcedIP );


I get the whole IP inside localIP, but when i try to use wip_inet_aton, the address doesn’t get converted to wip_in_addr_t (I have tried &forcedIP, *forcedIP, forcedIP…). Anyone has an idea about this? Thank you all in advance :slight_smile:.


Easiest for you would be to declare it as wip_in_addr_t forcedIP and call with
wip_inet_aton(localIP, &forcedIP)

Remember, wip_in_addr_t is a u32 (32bit integer), and wip_inet_aton requires a pointer to such.


That really helps, thank you :slight_smile: