Where do I start with a laptop and a EM7421

Hello, I have my fujitsu notebook since 2 years now and never tested this Sierra Wireless functionality. I am completely new to this and found no way to make it work using the drivers. Is it possible to get this to work with an o2 (GER) carrier? Like can it be used to gain internet access on Windows 10 via Simcard? Sorry, as I said, new. Where do I get started? What can be done with this module?

have you installed the USB driver?

did you see modem port in device manager?

the module is installed in the laptop. I can insert my sim card. And yes I see the device after installing the general driver.

I also have a WWAN control utility, does it have to do with anything regarding this problem?

I also ran this EXE file: 9999999_9907259_SWI9X50C_01.14.13.00_00_GENERIC_002.048_000

which firmware package do i need for o2 (GER) (FW Packages)

You can try the generic one

Seems it cannot boot up and kept in download mode

Is it always showing qdloader port in device manager?

If so, you need to extract the exe by 7zip tool, and use

Fdt2.exe -f xxx.cwe xxx.nvu

Fdt2.exe was already extracted to local/temp after running the package.
I now started Fdt2 without the arguments and it shows this:

now windows was showing a cellular connection window, but it disappeared

the window which aske for my SIM’s pin disappeared

winows now displays cellular mode in the settings menu, but it doesn’t detect the sim card.

What did you see in device manager?