Where can i find TMT ?

Where can i download TMT ?

Your best bet is probably to contact your Distributor.

There is still some stuff on the old Wavecom site - if you can remember the URL.

It has been specifically requested that Wavecom/Sierra Wireless continue to keep previous versions available but, again, they just seem to have ignored that!

See: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/re-forum-revamping-is-scheduled-to-be-shortly-done/3854/1


They just don’t seem to understand that M2M systems typically have long lifespans and need access to past versions!


Thanks awneil. Can you upload TMT setup on code sharing area or somewhere like mediafire, deposit… ?

No, sorry - you need to ask your Distributor to do that.

Note that there is a TMT replacement here:
but it’s not working as TMT did for me yet.