When does the FX30 Cat-1 will be updated to be aligned with FX30 Cat-M

Both FX30 4G (Cat-M and Cat-1) were aligned from a Linux/Yocto perspective (R14 of Cat-M and R16 of Cat-1).
Since the R15 of the Cat-M is available, we have now a (very) big difference of firmware between the two FX30 4G.
When does the FX30 Cat-1 will receive an update to be aligned to the current R15 state?


Hi @g.amaudric ,
I’m not sure when new Release for FX30 Cat-1 will be available but you can follow and download it on the source page at the link below:


Hi jerdung,
Thank you for your answer, but I was asking for the next update of the Cat-1 (we already use the R16 on it).
It will be nice to align again the two Yocto systems (Cat-M R15 and Cat-1 RXX), to help us support them with very similar firmware.