WES7 Error Code 10 on NMEA COM port


In our system with MP7304 plugged (USB) we are trying to make GPS working .

It works fine under Windows 7 (NMEA COM8 port is correctly installed).

With Windows Embedded 7 we got error code 10 on COM8 NMEA. The driver cannot install.
Everything else is fine (DM, network broadband interface)

We certainly have a missing package compare to windows 7 but we can’t find it.

Do you know what package could be necessary to add to to support NMEA COM port over USB under Windows Embedded 7?

Thank you

Are you talking about MC7304? Which driver you have installed?



Yes MC7403.

We found the missing package. It was necessary to add package (for WES7 64)
Windows Embedded Standard 7\DS64SP1\Packages\FeaturePack\amd64~winemb-sensorandlocation~~~~6.1.7601.17514~1.0\winemb-sensorandlocation.cab

Now it is OK
Thank you