Webserver on Q2686

Hi, i have a Q2686 dev kit, i would like to know if its possible to run a web server on this module. Also is it possible to use this webserver to control the module remotely?

that’s possible
but take into account that you need a special subscription with you telecom provider for it to be remotely accessable (without the module initiating the connection)

why do i need that? i hosted websites on my home pcs, and i can access it from anywhere…

ah, then you can imagine setting up a server at home without mapping a port in your router!
(that’s what happens if you just buy any data subscription)

by the way, you might want to change the subject of your first post to something a little more discriptive, like “publicly accessable webserver on q2686”

Thanks for your reply

yeah ive used the no-ip which automatically updates ur dynamic ip to a static one…

So essentially the server will be running on port 80 of the module? And i dont see any ethernet connectors on my board…how am i going to connect

ok , i presumed you’d connect over gprs.

the problem i mentioned above occures specifically when using gprs.
if you want to use an ethernet port, i suggest you switch to one of the fastrack modules, they can be expanded with an ethernet-board

No, it doesn’t - unless you’re speaking of a different “no-ip” to the one I use:


What no-ip does is to give a domain name to your dynamic IP address - but, for that to work, it must be a Public IP address.

btw is it a must to use GPRS, its too expensive. Wont a UART to Ethernet converter work?

Now I’m confused!

Why are you using a Q26 if you don’t want GPRS??! :confused: :confused:

98% of the cost of the Q26 is in the radio part - which is completely wasted if you’re not actually going to use it!!