GR64 and MQTT protocol


As part of a project we need to be able to use our GR64 modem to communicate with a server using IBM’s MQTT protocol. Does anybody know what exactly I’ll have to do in order to implement this?

Thank you.


Yes: you’ll have to get the MQTT specifications from IBM! 8)


Thanks for your reply. The thing is that i don’t have access to the modem’s firmware. In other words, I access the modem via AT commands and I use the embedded features of it (e.g. FTP, TCP sockets etc) in order to connect to a server.

So, how can I integrate this protocol to my system based on the above setup.


You’ll have to implement it in an external processor - PC, microcontroller, or whatever…

The very first hit on a google for “IBM MQTT Protocol” is:

It includes links to the IBM MQTT home page, protocol specification, and a “C reference implementation”