GR64 in a modem

Hi, I am begginer in this technologie and I need to construct a GSM modem with GR64. What I don’t understand is:

  • does GR64 comes with firmware that accepts AT commands and therefore needs only interface (RS232 for example) or does GR64 (as well as other modules) needs to be programmed in full. Can anyone simplify this for me because I can’t find a straight information on what is what.

Thanks to anyone who finds time to help me

If you’re a beginner, wouldn’t it be better to start with something like a Fastrack, or maybe Integra?
Once you’ve gained som experience with that, you can move on to the “deeper” stuff with a module… … PlaySeries


(it’s only the WMP100-series that you really have to build from the ground up)

You should really be talking to your Distributor about this - be sure to discuss your requirements in detail, so that they can recommend the most appropriate approach…

They will also be able to discuss available development kits, etc.
They may well also be able to offer you training, seminars, demonstrations, etc…