GPRS Connect to Server

I managed to connect to ip address, but I need to connect to a port at that IP address.
I am talking directly to Q64 module via UART.
With the older models GM47,Gr64 one would connect using ate2ipo , where you would give the IP address AND port number as parameter of that commmand
eg AT

this command is no longer supported with Q64, the closest I can get is by defining the PDP Context
AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,“internet”,“”,0,0 (But No PORT number can be configured)
with this defined I can a) attach to GPRS network , then b) activate PDP context, then c) Enter Data state,
at the end of these steps I get response
but because the server at that address is expecting a connection on a certain PORT number, it promptly kicks me off ;

I have tried entering the port number in AT+CGDCONT command, but wont accept it, keep getting ERROR.

I must be missing something, but can not for the life of me find where/how one designates the PORT number or how you would open a socket (which I am understanding is pretty much the same thing)
Please someone enlighten me here, so close but yet no Cigar!
( dont really want to use the plugin.)
Regards D. van Niekerk.

you need to use WIP AT(TCP Client Socket) command in order to do that.
Refer WIPAT_Commands_User_Guide_V4_01.pdf

Why don’t you use GR64 plugin?
Did you solve the problem?