+WDSI: 0 command while LTE module is in TCP Data mode

We are getting +WDSI: 0 from LTE module HL7800-M while TCP connection is open. According to user manual +WDSI: 0 should be receive when LTE module is ready after power up or reboot.

We want to know all possibilities to get +WDSI: 0 Event from LTE module.

Thank you.

Hi @umer.s

According to AirPrime - HL78xx - AT Commands Interface Guide - Rev15:
+WDSI: 0 Device services are initialized and can be used. The device is configured to be able to authenticate with the AV server.

What firmware version HL78xx are you using? If you are not in the latest firmware version, please download the latest one and retry.

You can get it here HL78xx (HL7800/HL7800-M/HL7802) Firmware

Hi @Donald

I appreciate your help. We are using HL7800-M_B3.7.2.3 for AT&T and HL7800-M_4.4.17.0 for Verizon. We have more then 1000 HUBs in the field and only few of them are getting +WDSI: 0 event. Is there any possibility that LTE is rebooting itself in the middle of TCP connection.

Hi umer.s,

You can type AT+CREG=2 command (enable network registration) to check network registration unsolicited result code