+WDSG: 0,3 ?!?!


While investigating a customer complaint that our units were using GPRS without any service configured to use GPRS, we found out

  1. The units were connecting to wavecomservices.com (or www.wavecomservices.com)
  2. Affected units had +WDSG: 0,3, while unaffected units had +WDSG: 0,1
    :angry: :angry: :angry:
    We certainly never enabled this on the modules ourselves, and the customers have no way of enabling IDS (or whatever it’s called now) either.

How widespread the problem is for us is currently unknown.

Are there any other “hidden” data hogs like this that need to be disabled explicitly even though we never enabled them in the first place?


Actually… How do you turn this crap OFF?


Can you try and send “AT+WDSC?” to the affected module?

Probably the remote management was enabled somehow…



This is apparently one of too many regressions in firmware 7.44 as compared to 7.2a

Apparently, if an APN is defined (either through +CGDCONT or WIP library), this APN is copied to AT+WDSS, and remote management gets turned on.

On the units we discovered this, the APN had been set once, but not been explicitly removed with AT+CGDCONT.

The stopgap solution we found is that once we remove the APN with AT+CGDCONT, and reboot, it is removed from +WDSS as well and remote management gets turned off.

I’m told this was fixed in 7.45, but I have only checked 7.46 and the issue is fixed there at least.

I couldn’t see anything in the release notes that indicate this issue was there at all.